Projects and Experiments by FlowingData

Here are the results of mild insomnia and a restless mind. Some projects are maps, some are interactive, and some are applications.


The Reach of Firefox

Growing usage for Firefox over the years.


Putting public data in print - because it looks way better on paper.


Jobless rate by county from 2004 to present.

TV Size

Growth in television size over the years.


A graphical report on the state of the world using public data from UNdata.

Facebook Stats

A quick look at data from All Facebook on users, applications, and pages.

Famous Sci-fi Quotes

Nerd quotes as nerd graphics.


Working Together

Looking for Global Agenda Councils that should work together.

Health Disparities

Exploring gaps in health across demographic groups.

Consumer Spending

How has consumer spending changed in 30 years? Not that much, really.

Inauguration on Twitter

Twitter was aflutter when President Barack Obama officially took the historic oath.

Growth of Walmart

My first interactive map using Modest Maps. Walmart's spread has been described as a virus, cancer, wildfire, and the plague.

Growth of Target

Second in the growth map series. Target's growth looks more opportunistic than organic.

Growth of Ross Stores

Growth map of Ross. As seems to be common, there is slow growth in the beginning and then a sudden boom.


An open-sourced project that lets you create a live map of traffic to your site.

43things Goal Bubbles

Recently popular things on social goal-setting site 43things.

United States Poverty

A look at poverty rates between 1980 to 2007 according to the US Census Bureau.


Worldwide migration rates over time.

Gas Prices

Fluctuations in gas prices over the years. In 1993, the national cost per gallon was $1.07.

Twitter World

Like Twittervision in concept, but a bit different aesthetically.



Twitter application that lets you collect data about yourself via direct messages.


Personal Environmental Impact Report to track carbon emissions and pollution exposure.


A platform to publish, share, and manage your sensor data.